Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 2 continued...

Hey everyone,
This is Brad, I was sitting here next to andrea and figured I might as well right one too. 
Africa has been amazing so far. Lets start at the beginning... for some reason the travel agent thought I was Jay Smith's son. So I got to sit next to him the entire time. haha The best part of the plane ride was watching the sunrise while flying over the Sahara Dessert. Simply beautiful...
Followed by breakfast, seeing the nile river, and laughing so hard with jay that we both cried. (I don't understand why though. This last day has been great. There is another person who lives at Brent and Virginias house named Lawrence. He's a Ugandan who goes to they're church and has recently lost his job. He's the coolest guy. Today he spent almost 2 hours trying to teach us Lugandan, and we are failing at this new language. Out of the 2 hours I maybe memorized 4 phrases at most. 

But today has been great, we are preparing for a worship seminar this weekend. 3 days long. Then we are the worship team for the sunday service. (which brent is speaking at) During the seminar we will be teaching the locals about playing worship and what it requires both talent wise and spiritually. I'll be teaching drums and maybe bass, who knows what else. haha

This has been an amazing trip,
love you all!


  1. Brad! So good to hear from you. Sounds like your adventure has been amazing so far. Hope you and Andrea are taking lots of pictures! I can't even imagine all that you guys are experiencing. Love you and miss you! You and Andrea give each other big hugs for me. Hope to hear more soon!
    Much love,

  2. The plane ride sounded awesome! God is going to use you guys so much... yay! this makes me excited :)