Sunday, July 19, 2009

I'm not sure what day it is. ha ha

Church was amazing. The Sunday service was packed, and the message was simple yet impacting. About commitments and marriage and not being bound in slavery to the sin of the world, but being free in Christ. After the message, Brent called anyone up who needed prayer for anything. All of the prayer team stood up, and more than half of the congregation came up for prayer. I stood there watching so many people being prayed for, and the tears and the brokenness. God was again, doing something big. I took a few pictures of the prayer session. It was awesome feeling the presence of God fall so hard. 
A little later into the prayer, a woman comes up telling them that she is suffering from horrible visions and needs them to leave. Well that is no problem for my God. So a pastor begins to pray for her, and she begins to manifest. She had a spirit that needed to be cast out. She fell to the ground and was trying to be violent with her arms. The pastors prayed and stood around her. All the kids were right there watching so I grabbed there hands and took them to the other side. I didn't think it was good to see the manifestation. But after much prayer, I saw her get up and walk away in peace. Her cousin is the pastor and was going to continue to do a follow up. It was amazing to see the peace in the building with such an event. God really does restore, and give freedom. It's true, there is no lie found in Him.
All in all, this first week has been amazing with Life Church. 

Yet today, was the awesomest day ever and yet really sad.... It was sad because we had to say goodbye to all of our friends we made at Life Church. We said goodbye to Rogers and Francis and Joyce. All of the coolest people I have ever met. Ha ha, a man named Christopher gave me and Brittany hankerchiefs with his name and number on them. Every one found some creative way to give us all of their information. I'm just going to give a shout out to all the people of Life Church. You rock our socks. The Muzungu's love you! ha ha

After church and saying goodbye to the most precious kids I've ever seen, who attached themselves to us the whole time we were there, even walking to church on a friday morning just to see us. It almost made us cry, even the guys. ha ha Thomas had to leave fast or he would have pursuaded the kids into the van with us, using  granola bar. They love chewy bars. :) 

After the goodbyes we were taken to a resturant where they serve the most tremendous food servings. A whole plate full of 2 large chicken pieces the size of our heads and avocado and fruit and african tortillas and plantains and so much more served on silver platters!!!! It's weird being served on silver giant platters and then going to a place that doesn't have much food not too far away. But the food was amazing. Especially eating with your hands. :) Mmmm...

After that... ha ha Virginia drove us with the option of going to the pool or the zoo or go home. We all opted for home. :) and rested ever since, till we go to the islands today and sleep in a tent for a week and there is no internet. So I will say goodbye till then, Love you mom! and see ya everyone else! 

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