Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mo' details from day 2!

Goodness gracious! I'm on the other side of the world right now from y'all and that is still blowin my mind! Uganda is a truly amazing country. I have never experienced anything like what I have seen, heard... smelled, or felt while staying here. It is everything I'm sure you all imagined and heard it to be: Humid, hot, beautiful, polluted, impoverished, and dangerous. I love it!! The Ugandan's hospitality and generosity has blown me away! The believers here in Uganda shine with so much light that we can tell they know Christ before we even ask. Christ just flows from their actions and love! We are all well and safe and as you heard had our "free day" today to buy you guys Ugandan goodies from the markets. Bartering is a blast, though stressful as they assume we "muzungu's" are all loaded and try to get the most out of us they can. And they occasionally get upset with us, but it goes with the trade. It was fun to barter with random shop keepers in an australian accent before making my purchase. All this fun didn't keep us from ministering in the marketplace and letting people know that "Yesu acwagali!" (Jesus loves you!). We spent hours today learning new phrases and words in Lugandan. So much cooler than english!...sorry, it's just true! : ) Anywho,  I know its only 3 pm there, but it is almost 1 am so I'm gonna crash! Mukumu yeba zibwe! (praise the Lord!) 



  1. I love it!!!! That is so you, thomas, to add a random accent... :D I miss you guys a lot. Keep posting stories!!!!!

  2. i miss you so much thomas i'm still looking hot like you told me too =). I'm so excited to hear all about what God is doing in you and through you! and you better be staying Hot as well! =)