Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day... somethingth

Hello, its Brad here,
I'm going to attempt to sum the entire trip up in this post starting where I left off. Which I think was wednesday the somethingth? 

We drove from Entebbe to Kampala to Life Church to begin the worship seminar. Jay spoke to the majority of the worship team on being a true worshipper at home and at church. After the service our team practiced with the church choir for the sunday service. It was so much fun. We learned a few songs in Luganda and played some familiar ones here the states. The church is bilingual so that's usually how they do it. It was a very productive day.

In the morning we drove again to the church to begin day 2 of the worship seminar. I spent the morning setting up a stage with some of the other guys for an outreach in the church parking lot later that night. There was a cute little Ugandan girl named Bonnie who I played with for a while. She took my shoes off and threw them across the room. Then she so innocently tied the laces in a million knots before I got them back. Haha

After the seminar we spent a few hours at a secondary school (basically high school) teaching the kids there about the importance of living a pure life in all aspects along with doing some worship. It was definately interesting, but we were able to pray for many of them for healing and some addictions in their own lives.

We then quickly ran back to the church to sound check for the outreach. We practiced very quickly then I was asked to play with the opening act which was the Life Church worship team.
It was one of the funnest moments of the entire trip to me. I was thinking to myself, I'm in Africa playing worship with Ugandans, singing in a language that I don't understand on a rickety stage that is about to fall over. Haha After that our worship team played a few songs. Followed by a quick preaching from a local pastor. About 35 people accepted Christ that night, including multiple healings! On our way home our tire literally exploded leaving an exposed rim. We are lucky that the car didn't fly off the road. We had a spare tire, but it was flat with no way to fill it up. So half the group hailed a taxi home and the other half stuck it out with Brent trying to figure everything out. After a while Virginia had to come meet them with a tire pump and a jack. 

I'll put more on here later. The jet lag is still messing with me.

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