Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Oh my GOSH!!!! The cutest orphanage in the world! We went our last 2 days. The kids are such powerful prayer warriers and worshipers. They love Jesus a lot. They sang for us and hugged us and as soon as we got on the Island, they grabbed our bags from the boat and held our hands and didn't let us carry a thing! That night they prayed for us and hugged us and said Goodnight! We love you! AHHHHH!!!!!

The 2nd day we had a carnival for them and did music and facepainting and games and candy. The whole sha-bang! I did face painting for a whopping 3 hours straight! They loved it. All 165 or so kids came to get it done. After the carnival we helped Pator Joash in his pineapple plantaion. It was our thank you service to him because he took a week off of his work which is his only living to help us on the Islands. Basically we walked in the thick jungle with bare feet or flip flops and pulle trees, branches, brush and anyhting else that wasn't pineapple or casave, and got repeatedly stabbed by razor shapr thorns and had spiders, poisoness worms, and fire ants crawling on us. But it was awesome to see all the kids join with the team and other helpers to get it done. Within 2 hours we were done, and reaped the rewards of fresh pineapple just cut off the plant. There is no other pineapple in the world that can ever compare to the ones in Africa. The most amazing taste!! It's like eating 90% juice. Mmm.. It was amazing. Thank you Jesus for Joash and his pineapples! And the kids!
great day.

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